Blue Ridge Marksmanship Course List

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N.C. Concealed Carry Handgun

Active Shooter Response

Beginner Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun

AR-15 Operator’s Course

NRA Range Safety Officer Training

Concealed Carry Improvement Course

Firearms Awareness for Families & Teens

Pistol Speed Development Course

Close Quarters Combat (CQB) Pistol or AR-15

Self Defense Course   (Armed or Unarmed – 2 classes offered)

Vehicle Gun Fighting

Defensive Pistol

Urban and Defensive Shotgun

2 Man Room Clearing / Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Course

Urban Patrol Rifle Course

Two Bad Days

Room Clearing & Close Quarters Battle

Injured Shooter

Low Light

Law Enforcement Officer Survival Course

TACMED and Close Quarters Pistol

Custom Courses: If you do not see a course of instruction that you or your company desires, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to design custom courses for any need.

Dates: If the dates listed for the course do not work for you, please contact Kevin. We are happy to try to make arrangements to suit your needs, and often are able to accommodate such requests.

Military Discount: 15% discount on all courses for Active Military (including reserve component), Law Enforcement, and Firefighters. Please contact Kevin prior to booking a course to receive your discount instructions.

Instructor Development: We have instructor development workshops available if you are an agency instructor or looking to improve your instructing abilities. Please contact us for more details.

Don’t own a firearm?: We have a selection of firearms for rental. Please contact us before booking to confirm availability.

Upcoming Course Dates:

2019 Schedule


Jan 12, NC Concealed Carry Class


Feb 9 NC Concealed Carry Class


Mar 8-9 Defensive Pistol

Mar 10 NC Concealed Carry Class

Mar 16-17 AR-15 Operators Course

Mar 23-24 Urban Shotgun

Mar 29 TACMED and Close Quarters Pistol

Mar 30 Two Man CQB


Apr 6-7 Defensive Pistol

Apr 10-11 Low-Light Rifle/Pistol Course

Apr 13 NC Concealed Carry Class

Apr 14 Advanced Concealed Carry Course

Apr 27-28 Injured Shooter (AR-15/Pistol)


May 2-3 LEO Only Vehicle Gun Fighting Course

May 4-5 Urban Patrol Rifle Course

May 6-7 Two Bad Days, Multi threat engagement, Shoot/no-Shoot, Low-Light, Cognitive Stacking LEO Only (Cognitive Optimization)

May 11 NC Concealed Carry Class

May 18-19 Brokos AR-15 Course (Guest Instructor)


June 1-2 Defensive Pistol

June 3-5 Officer Survival Course (LEO Only)

June 8-9 AR-15/Pistol CQB

June 15 NC Concealed Carry Class

June 16 Advanced Concealed Carry Course

June 29-30 AR-15 Operators Course


July 13 NC Concealed Carry Class

July 20-21 Vehicle Gun Fighting Course

July 26 TACMED and Close Quarters Pistol

July 27-28 Pistol Movement and Speed Course


Aug 3 NC Concealed Carry Class

Aug 4 Advanced Concealed Carry Course

Aug 17-18 Injured Shooter (AR-15/Pistol)

Aug 24-25 Frank Proctor (Guest Instructor)

Aug 31-Sep 1 AR-15/Pistol CQB


Sep 7-8 Urban Shotgun Course

Sep 20-21 Vehicle Gun Fighting Course

Sep 22 NC Concealed Carry Class

Sep 28-29 Super Defensive Pistol


Oct 4 TACMED and Close Quarters Pistol

Oct 12 NC Concealed Carry Class

Oct 13 Advanced Concealed Carry Course

Oct 19-20 AR-15/Pistol CQB

Oct 26-27 AR-15 Operators Course


Nov 2 NC Concealed Carry Class


Dec 14 NC Concealed Carry Class


2020 Schedule 


11 NC Concealed Carry Course


8 NC Concealed Carry Course
28-29 Low Light Pistol & Rifle Operations/Engagements


15 NC Concealed Carry Course
21-22 Defensive Pistol
28-29 AR-15 Operators Course


4-5 Room Entry/Clearance Pistol/Rifle
11-12 Defensive/Urban Shotgun
25 NC Concealed Carry Course
26 Concealed Carry Improvement Course


1 TACMED & Close Quarters Pistol
2-3 Vehicle Gun Fighting Course
9-10 Pistol, Complex Problem Solver
16 NC Concealed Carry Course
30-31 Advanced AR-15 Operators Course


6-7 Room Entry/Clearance Pistol/Rifle
13 Advanced Concealed Carry Skills Course
14 NC Concealed Carry Course
27-28 Defensive Pistol


11 NC Concealed Carry Course
18-19 AR-15 Operators Course
25-26 Vehicle Gun Fighting Course


1 NC Concealed Carry Course
8-9 Frank Proctor Marksmanship and Dynamics Pistol/Carbine
15-16 Pistol Complex Problem Solver
29-30 Injured Shooter Pistol/Rifle Course


4-5 Vehicle Gun Fighting Course
19 NC Concealed Carry Course
26-27 Advanced AR-15 Operators Course



11 NC Concealed Carry Course
16 TACMED & Close Quarters Pistol
17-18 Defensive/Urban Shotgun



6-7 Low Light Pistol & Rifle Operations/Engagements
14 NC Concealed Carry Course
21-22 Defensive Pistol



12 NC Concealed Carry Course

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Teaching Style:

At Blue Ridge Marksmanship, we help you to gain a better understanding for your firearm. We help your gun handling abilities improve and we teach you ‘a way’ to shoot. There are millions of ways to fire a gun and hit a target, we will help you find the best one for you, not hammer you into ‘the way’ to shoot.

North Carolina’s Premier Shooting School