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Kevin Dylus

Owner/Operator, Blue Ridge Marksmanship, LLC 

Phone: (828) 772-6884


B.R.M. Address

827 Roaring Fork Road
Burnsville, NC 28714

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Note: You will not have cell signal the whole way. PLEASE PRINT directions and take with you.

Printable Directions

Please read this information about parking before arrival: 

Click HERE to download parking tips.

Turn-by-turn directions:

827 Roaring Fork Road Burnsville, NC 28714 (828-682-5599 landline)

You will not have cell signal the whole way, SO PLEASE PRINT and take with you. Once you are traveling three miles on Scronce creek, you will lose signal.

From Asheville, take I-26 West towards Mars Hill. You will travel on I-26 until exit 9 for Burnsville. At the end of the off ramp, make a right towards Burnsville.


From Johnson City, take I-26 East until exit 9 for Burnsville. At the end of the ramp proceed east towards Burnsville.

FROM either direction, here on out are the same directions:

Travel 7.9 miles on HWY 19. You will see signs for ‘The Buck House’ and ‘The Preserve’ at about 7.6 miles. Make a left turn onto Scronce Creek road following the previously stated signs. (*)Once on Scronce Creek road it will make a right turn at about 200 yards, follow Scronce Creek for a total of 6.9 miles.

Traveling on Scronce Creek….After going up and over McKinney Gap (the road changes name to Bald Mountain Road at McKinney Gap) and passing the Preserve, you will pass two churches. The first will be on your left, the second on your right. Once past the second church, slow down a little, you will be making a left onto Roaring Fork Road, which is just after a small bridge.

Travel .6 miles on Roaring Fork and bear left at the fork to stay on Roaring Fork.

After the fork, travel .5 miles on Roaring Fork until you reach the end of the end of the pavement. You will turn left just after the row of mailboxes at the end of the pavement. The rebel flags are not mine….

Once on the gravel drive, you will make a right at the barn and head up hill. If you have four wheel drive, you may want to engage it. I have seen smaller cars and crossover/SUVs go up without four wheel drive and make it up. The hill is not that big of a deal, this is just a heads up.

There is no cell phone signal after you cross McKinney Gap. You can text once on the property. You may have trouble with a phone GPS so please print the directions and take with you.

From Burnsville travel west out of town for about 7.1 miles (about 11 mins) and you will see West Yancey Fire Department on your left, slow down and continue for one more mile and make a right onto Scronce Creek Road. (please go to the * above and continue following the directions)

All road signs are up and be on the lookout for Blue Ridge Marksmanship directional signs.

***** PLEASE do not speed on Hwy 19 either from I-26 or Burnsville as it is heavily patrolled by NC State Hwy Patrol….you will be ticketed. *****

I am looking forward to seeing you there!! Please leave in plenty of time to get to the course on time as this is a courteous act for your fellow students.

Any issues or questions please do not hesitate to call me on my cell, 828-772-6884 at any time or the morning of the course please call the landline at the school: 828-682-5599.

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