Advanced Vehicle Defensive Pistol

So now that you have been to a vehicle course and learned what is true and what is not….this is the course to test all the fundamentals with Force-on-Force…..anybody can know, the point is to understand!  


Cost: $500 (includes Simm ammunition)  


Time:  0830 to 1630 daily


This course will cover defensive and offensive vehicle gun fighting in great depth.  


This course is conducted around multiple vehicles that are actually brought on to the range. Further force on force paint marking projectiles are used to refine techniques, increase the cognitive processing abilities, and decease reaction time.   


The following objectives will be met by each student during the two day (16 hours) course:

(1) Positional work to aid in vehicle problem solving. Firing from various squatting, kneeling and urban prone positions around vehicles.

(2) Engaging threats in a vehicle: Live fire and force on force 

(3) Engaging threats from a vehicle: Multiple live fire and force on force exercises from inside and around vehicles

(4) Review points of cover around a vehicle: Explaining the actual cover that exists around any vehicle and modes of survival. Further conducting the necessary movements to facilitate survival and maximize the cover

(5) Further dispel the myths associated with vehicles….

(6) Retention shooting: Live fire exercise at point blank range utilizing various techniques for neutralizing threat 


Students should bring what they use the most: either duty belt or their work every day carry (EDC) based on their specific duties or inside the waist band holster. 


Additional notes: We ask law enforcement, military or EMTs to bring a spare unit / department patch….we will explain the why on day one.  

Length & Price: 2 day. $500. Includes Simm ammo



  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Gloves
  • Knee Pads
  • Brimmed hat
  • Handgun w/appropriate holster
  • 400 Rounds of range ammo
  • Water bottles and lunch

Teaching Style:

At Blue Ridge Marksmanship, we help you to gain a better understanding for your firearm. We help your gun handling abilities improve and we teach you ‘a way’ to shoot. There are millions of ways to fire a gun and hit a target, we will help you find the best one for you, not hammer you into ‘the way’ to shoot.

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