AR-15 Set up and Zero Course

AR-15 Set up and Zero Course


Audience: New AR-15 owners or Students who already own one and are looking to gain insight and knowledge on the selection of an AR-15 and the accessories that are commonly used with it.


Scope: The curriculum is designed for entry level to intermediate AR-15 owners/shooters in the safe and efficient use of an AR-15 rifle. Instruction and practical exercises in the classroom will help determine which model, manufacturer, options and upgrades that a student may need/want. On the range we will zero the rifles and discuss the proper process. This course is designed to help weed through the sea of information, myths and choices so a student can make the best decision based on needs and budget.


This course will take place in the classroom for 2-3 hours and then on the multipurpose range for 2-3 hours. Participants should be prepared to train in all weather conditions.


The course starts at 8:30 am and concludes at 1:30 pm, with a working lunch/brunch. It is also recommended you have snacks, some will be available such as power bars, crackers and granola bars. Otherwise, please bring your own.

Length & Price: 1 day. $150.

Topics, Concepts and Skills:

  • Weapons maintenance
  • Zeroing procedures (irons/optics)
  • Ready positions
  • Carbine and equipment selection discussion
  • Carbine/Rifle safety considerations
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Ready positions
  • Zeroing procedures (irons/optics)
  • Weapons maintenance


Prerequisites and Physical Requirements

  • Student should be prepared to train in all weather
  • Student should be physically able to get up and down from standing, kneeling and prone positions


Required Equipment

  • Carbine/rifle with sling .223/5.56 (if you do not own one, rentals are available)
  • A 20-30 Round magazine
  • Cap with brim (baseball or boonie style)
  • T-Shirt with crew neck collar (no V-necks)
  • Long pants (no shorts)
  • Light hiking boots or running shoes. NO open toed shoes allowed on Range!
  • Hearing protection (available upon request, no charge)
  • Wrap around eye protection (available upon request, no charge)
  • Water bottle or hydration system
  • Books will be provided
  • 100 rounds of range ammo (available for purchase at BRM with advanced notice)

* Ammunition available for purchase at BRM with advanced notice *

**If you do not possess any of the above gear/ammo, please contact Kevin as far out from the course date as possible**

Teaching Style:

At Blue Ridge Marksmanship, we help you to gain a better understanding for your firearm. We help your gun handling abilities improve and we teach you ‘a way’ to shoot. There are millions of ways to fire a gun and hit a target, we will help you find the best one for you, not hammer you into ‘the way’ to shoot.

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